Hello there, my name is Gia. You can call me Gia, or G.

A sweet 'n filthy escape from routine, I am passionate, openminded, and blessed with some supernatural talents.


I'm a bit unconventional, but you're not looking for garden variety. A recovering academic, I have found more satisfaction (and better uses for my expertise) living a life of pleasure. Lithe, playful, and insatiable, I have some tricks up my sleeve and some toys in my purse. Perhaps I remind you of a particularly exciting past fling or an object of desire you thought was unattainable. How does it feel now that you have my complete attention?


I love the look in your eyes when we meet and all of your expectations are exceeded. I am completely comfortable with myself and I think you will be, too; I'll make you laugh and make your heart pound.


Feelings of guilt and judgmental attitudes have no place in my life unless they are mutually eroticized. I am completely non-judgmental and strive to create a space where we can explore all of your fantasies. I enjoy integrating fetish and BDSM into more classic companionship, though you don't have to be kinky to enjoy being with me. If you're curious about trying something new, I am happy to take the lead. If you have something you can teach me, I am happy to have met my match.


Smart, sexy, and perversely romantic, I am well-suited to individuals or couples who are seeking heightened experiences and a little extra opulence in their lives. Whether your preferences run mild or wild, I’d be delighted to take some time to find out just what rings your bell.


C’mere. I’ll take good care of you.


AGE | 30

HEIGHT | 5'3

MEASUREMENTS | 36D - 28 - 36

HAIR | Redhead, short hair

EYES | Blue


BACKGROUND | Nice Jewish Girl


PIERCINGS | Ears, nose


POSITION | Versatile

INTERESTS | Leatherworking, experimental film, cooking, queer history, dystopian fiction, vinyl

WHAT DO YOU WANT TO EAT | Oysters, sushi, steak, breakfast. Vegan-friendly.

TREATS | Champagne or bourbon, sparkling water, fresh berries, Medjool dates, house plants


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