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My screening policy for new friends can be found here.

90 MIN - 1000

2 HR - 1200

3 HR - 1500

4 HR - 1800

6 HR - 2500

8 HR - 3000

12 HR - 4500

24 HR - 8000

All rates listed are for outcall to your hotel or private residence. If you would like for me to book us a hotel room, kindly add cost of room to your deposit.

couples add 50%

in-session extensions are 700/hr


It is possible for me to meet you anywhere my American passport and/or your connections can take me. Please email me directly to discuss flying me to you, extended bookings, and other more bespoke excursions, including dates outside major metro areas.


I love taking my time getting ready and make sure I am at my best when we are together. Same-day availability is rare and reserved for suitors who approach respectfully with all booking info included. Extended bookings, travel dates, and regulars are prioritized, though a good intro email goes a long way! Please specify your city in your introductory email and whether you are booking an outcall (you host in your hotel or private residence) or an incall (I host in a hotel).


When not in NYC/Philadelphia, I am available for bookings in Atlanta, Asheville, and Nashville. Fly Me To You and travel dates are the fastest way to get me to you. You only live once ;)

I encourage all clients who are able to continue to vaccinate against Covid-19, the flu, and whatever else is going around at whatever given time. Please reschedule if you feel at all sick or are having cold & flu symptoms or stomach issues.

At the start of our time together, please have my full donation ready for me in plain view on a desk or table, preferably in a plain unsealed envelope. If we are in public, please have it tucked into a card or book. I enjoy when you are proactive about this and appreciate not having to initiate the conversation. You are responsible for the total cost of booking even if our time is cut short. I reserve the right to leave without issuing a refund if I feel unsafe or uncomfortable for any reason.

You are welcome to imbibe as you see fit, though I meant it when I said I reserve the right to leave if I feel unsafe or uncomfortable. A not-entirely-retired party girl myself, I make no judgments about your vices so long as I do not fear violence or mistreatment (I absolutely want to hit your vape and know what you've got). I always carry naloxone and will gladly teach you how to administer it!


Cancelations on the day of or day before our scheduled appointment are responsible for the total cost of booking, and cancelations within 72 hours will incur a fee equal to 50% of total booking. Life happens, though in the future you may have to pay a deposit in order to see me. Please reschedule if you test positive for covid or are experiencing any cold or flu symptoms or stomach issues, we will work it out.


Any compensation exchanged is for time and companionship only.

Nothing else is offered or implied. Anything else that may transpire is between consenting adults and was not contracted or compensated in any way.

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