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Gifts and tips are not required but they are the best way to distinguish yourself and get my attention. My wishlist can be found here. Please include your contact info in the notes so I can personally express my gratitude ♡

My sizing is as follows:

Shoe: US 8/EU 38.5/UK 6

Bra: 34B or small/medium

Panty: large

Garter: large

Stockings: medium

I would generally prefer we go shopping together so I can try things on. Dover Street Market, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Agent Provocateur, Journelle, and Purple Passion/DV8 are all great places to begin an extended date. For something a little more low key, I have favorite bookstores, record stores, and holes-in-the-wall (or stall...) all over the city.

Physical gifts and tokens of appreciation can be brought to me in session. Gift cards can be sent to either or Sephora, Etsy, BlickNet-A-Porter, Whole Foods, Azaleas, ControlBabeland, The Pleasure Chest, and Purple Passion/DV8 are all great options that ensure thorough entertainment for all parties.

Cash is king and can be sent electronically here or here. Please be discreet with payment notes (use value-neutral emojis or an innocuous description such as "reimbursement" "groceries" or "furniture").


Tributes towards tattoos, photoshoots, and hair/nail/skin care are especially appreciated. Do reach out directly if you would like to take over one or more of my recurring bills (rent, phone, car insurance). As any of my clients can attest, I devote myself completely to each moment we spend together and I appreciate it so much when you reflect that energy back to me.


If it pleases you to please me, all tributes will have a good return on investment. Don't be afraid to think exponentially.

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