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I am always excited to meet new people, and I feel certain that you will enjoy meeting me. That said, I screen all new friends, no exceptions.


When you are ready to book, please fill out my booking form completely or send me an email with your appointment request and screening info as detailed below.


My process is standard, straightforward, and exists to ensure our mutual trust and safety. It can only work in your favor to be forthcoming here, and I am always extra excited to meet people who help me keep this process as fast and easy as possible. One-word emails, explicit language, and requests for illegal activities will be ignored.


For screening, I accept:

  • Two recent provider references. Please include each provider's name, website/social media, and email address.​ A phone number alone is not sufficient for a reference.

  • Employment/identity verification. Your full legal name and a blank email from your professional account. I can provide a discreet, unpublished email address to send this to if you have any privacy concerns. Government-issued IDs and work badges are also acceptable. LinkedIn and other social media profiles are only acceptable for screening if sent with a photo ID.

If you haven't done this before or are confused about what information to send, please don't hesitate to ask me for assistance/clarification. I would be happy to walk you through the process, though under no circumstances will I be willing to forego it. I will sign an NDA upon request.

I do not discriminate based on race, religion, gender, ability, or personal beliefs. Please let me know if you have any accessibility concerns and I will do my best to accommodate. Adults over 21 are welcome ♡

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