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On "Bespoke Arrangements"

A friend recently asked me what I mean when I say "bespoke" re: experiences and arrangements. In a way, all experiences are bespoke; time with me is always guided by our unique chemistry and tailored to your specific interests. That said, some relationships simply cannot be bound by the confines of time, and other relationships require a greater investment from me that I expected to see reflected in kind. Want to casually date me? Put a Rolex with no batteries on my wrist, sortie votre chéquier, and hold on tight :)

For the serious, here are some examples of a bespoke arrangement:

You set me up in a downtown or Williamsburg loft of my choosing (freight elevator and roof access a must) and pre-pay the rent for 1-5 years. We could carry on a naughty clandestine affair with skyline views and no concept of time whatsoever.

You buy me land in the country with a spring and an adorable airstream to go with it. We have regular rendezvous in the backwoods exploring the land and each other. It's not the most dangerous game, but it's up there.

Vacation paramour. I make myself available to take the edge off of your business travel. Domestic is fun, though I love to spread my wings internationally.

Barbiefication. Do you love to spend tons of money on expensive designer clothes? Do you want to dress me up like a dolly? Do you want me to dress you up as me? We're going to Melrose (or Bergdorf's, or Dover Street Market). As long as you keep buying, I keep hanging. A full exploration of my tastes on dry land.

Buy me the Liberty Inn. Invest in its restoration to a basement sex club with hourly room rentals upstairs. You will one day beg me to stop.

Obviously these are just a few options that are particularly tailored to me at the time of writing. What would it look like to design a relationship around you and your desires? What would you be willing to do to make it happen?

Just something to think about.




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