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submission prompt for the lunar eclipse in scorpio

If the goal is to truly submit, it is not enough to simply aspire to be submissive. If you were submissive, you would be submissive.

Are you ready to be?

Are you willing to relinquish control and are you prepared for the freedom that comes along with that?

A seated person's slender legs in a pair of black leather thigh high Saint Laurent boots. The figure is stepping on a pink rose and casts abstract shadows on the white background.

As humans we have the potential to evolve every single day of our lives. We are social animals existing in a constant state of cellular regeneration; we are already not who we were, and we can always be what we haven't yet been. The veil of privacy that surrounds our time together means you don't have to come as you are, you can come as you want to be.

It's like a game, but it's never just a game, is it?

When we give ourselves permission to relax into genuine submission we make ourselves available to new sensations, experiences, perspectives. To be able to connect with a more primal, intuitive version of ourselves that feels safe enough to let go and fully trust the process in all its agony and ecstasy. Show me all the ways you can grow.

If you're not there now, that's okay. We can get you there.

Wishing you a transformative spring ♡


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