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Updated: Sep 28, 2018

** This post has NSFW photos **

I have been in the adult industry for quite some time now. While Gia is still pretty new, I was an UTR provider under many aliases over the years, all with many different looks and styles to suit my lifestyle at the moment. A college girl, an artworld curator, a tourist. A domme, a sub, and even sometimes a good girl! Many looks and niches, but they all had one thing in common: full, curly, hairy bush.

Until now. This wouldn't be the first time I've radically changed my look on a whim, but I am historically far more likely to take a razor to my head than my bush. Sure, I trim here and there, but it's one of the only things I have never really switched up. It may seem trivial, but you can tell a lot about a person by their pubic hair, and in the escort world it can define a huge part of your market! And for someone who loves sex and experimenting and sensation play as much as I do, it seemed silly that I wouldn't have firsthand experience fucking when I am super smooth and waxed, with one sexy tuft of curly strawberry blonde hair in the front, long enough to run your fingers through. A look that says, “Cover me in oil and rip off my thong,” equal parts Fuck Me and Fuck You. Yes please!

Brazilian wax, garter belt, thigh high stockings, leather, hand tattoos
Showing off my first ever Brazilian wax while wearing leather garters handmade by me!

Friends and confidantes, I am obsessed. I love the way it feels when I run my fingers all over myself, and that my ass and pussy are completely exposed. My full bush always felt like a bit of an act of rebellion, but my pussy did not know rebellion until I stopped hiding it. I am so much more sensitive, and so much more accessibile. I feel my panties on my soft, soft skin with every step I take, and the slightest breath of air gets me wetter than wet. It feels like I am constantly ready to sit on someone's face, because I am constantly sitting on peoples' faces – even more than usual! I have always been super sexually liberated and open, but it's just so nice to feel that extra rush of confidence after you've done something a little bit naughty and secret.


gia 💋

P.S. My underarm hair is still here and not going anywhere anytime soon ♡


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