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An Escort for XXXmas

What do you do when you are alone in NYC during the holidays? This time of year can feel like a lot of pressure, even if you intentionally don't participate (full disclosure: I'm Jewish). Especially in a city as busy as New York, when the holiday fever hits it can feel completely unavoidable. We are all human, and emotions ranging from loneliness to ambivalence to irritation to abject rage would all be appropriate depending on your situation. Even the thought of Jingle Bell Rock makes me want to scream. We define our own limits.

This is the beauty of professional companionship. Escorts are multifaceted individuals who shine in any number of different contexts. Whether you crave connection and intimacy or are just looking for casual company, no matter what kind of holiday blues are bringing you down, there is an escort to help cure what ails you.

Agent Provocateur lingerie, black leather jacket, Crave Vesper necklace
Imagine unwrapping this on Christmas morning!

I think about holidays I have spent deep in conversation (and deep in the throes) with near-complete strangers and I'm surprised there aren't more films centering around lost weekends shared between holiday business travelers and escorts. Unfortunately social stigma and limited imagination tend to result in films that frame those types of dalliances as toxic or somehow indicative of mental illness. In reality, I'm at times surprised by just how honest and tender these interactions can be, when something about the energy of the city facilitates serendipitous collisions between people who would otherwise perhaps not have met. Also, who doesn't love Chinese takeout and movies in bed with a beautiful woman?

Sex workers have the power to breathe life and enjoyment back into your life, this is a fact. We are living proof that it is never too late to start having the experiences that make your life worth living. Do you already have it all? Then things can get really interesting.

This is all just to say, if you need company this holiday season don't hesitate to reach out and ask. Escorts are your good luck charm. Let us make it happen for you.


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