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I love beautiful things, iconic design, attention to detail, and being spoiled lavishly. As any of my clients can attest, I devote myself completely to each moment we spend together and I appreciate it so much when you reflect that energy back to me -- it means you see me and value my ongoing success and happiness. There are no diminishing returns when you invest in me.

Physical gifts and tokens of appreciation can be sent to:


P.O. Box 180391

Brooklyn, NY 11218

Cash is king and can be sent electronically here or here. Please be discreet with payment notes (use value-neutral emojis or an innocuous description such as "reimbursement" or "groceries").

Wishlist forthcoming.

"When you base your love on credit

and your loving days are done

checks you signed with love and kisses

later come back signed Insufficient Funds."

-- Funkadelic