Gifts are never expected but they are appreciated.


I love beautiful things, iconic design, attention to detail, and knowing that you are thinking of me. As any of my clients can attest, I devote myself completely to each moment we spend together and I appreciate it so much when you reflect that energy back to me. Plus, I give great return on investment ;)

My sizing is as follows:

Shoe: US 8/EU 38.5

Bra: 32B or small/medium

Panty: medium/large

Garter: medium/large

Stockings: medium

I would generally prefer we go shopping together so I can try things on. Dover Street Market, Saks Fifth Avenue, Agent Provocateur, Journelle, and Purple Passion/DV8 are all great places to begin an extended date. For something a little more low key, I have favorite bookstores and record stores in every neighborhood.

Physical gifts and tokens of appreciation can be brought to me in session. Gift cards can be sent to either giagenet@gmail.com or ggenet@protonmail.ch. Sephora, Etsy, Net-A-Porter, Whole FoodsAgent Provocateur, Studio Pia, Babeland, The Pleasure Chest, and Purple Passion/DV8 are all great options that ensure a good time will be had by all.

Cash is king and can be sent electronically here or here. Please be discreet with payment notes (use value-neutral emojis or an innocuous description such as "reimbursement" or "groceries"). Tributes towards tattoos and hair/nail care are especially appreciated -- shoot me an email letting me know it was you and I will thank you personally :)

My wishlist can be found here.